WHOMAN? Youth towards androgyny


The talk about androgyny as a physical blend between two apparently biologic perspectives, is much more evident if it is identified with the patriarchy’s gradual crumbling away. Therefore we can introduce the argument looking through the eyes of a man towards the evolution of his emancipated clothing. Continue reading

DE-GENERATION: towards the end of youth subcultures

Trickle Down: Youth Subcultures and Mainstream


“Les Vampires”, Silent Movie Poster (1915, France)

In order to evaluate the meaning of clothing in relation with youth cultures, it is mandatory to clarify some theoretical notions that concern the evolution of fashion towards contemporary consumption, especially referring to a time in which people had no consciousness of what they were wearing, even if there were imposed severe sumptuary laws to maintain well defined boundaries among social classes. Continue reading

A conversation with GIBSH

italian: una chiacchierata con GIBSH

Surfing the web gives us the possibility to constantly discover people that do very interesting stuff from all over the world. The coolest thing is that you can get in touch very easily with them, so as you can dialogue with anyone would use the power of social networking as a means towards the share of information and ideas. Continue reading

My lovely Doc’s

Dr. Martens AirWair è un marchio inglese, il cui debutto risale ai primi anni ‘60 nel distretto di Northampton in Inghilterra. Nate come scarpe pensate per militari e lavoratori, erano inizialmente vendute alla modica cifra di 2£. Continue reading