memories in-between: a roman rhapsody

Just close your eyes and let your imagination overwhelm your inner self.

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A visionary mind: Alessandro Michele


It was about 3 years ago, and I was attending my class schedule about analysis of emerging lifestyle, when my great professor decided to show us a video: the launch of 2016 Gucci cruise collection. He explained us that Gucci had named a new Creative Director, and they were about to make a relevant change in the brand identity. 

I admit I wasn’t a huge fan of Gucci back then, because of its snobbish design that for so long I’ve been associating with an old-fashioned and boring Italy. I trusted my teacher, and started watching the video.

Nothing but WOW.

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Towards An Ageless Society

In 2003 Fondazione Pitti Discovery dedicates an entire project to Youth, which is presented in an exhibition entitled Continue reading