DE-GENERATION: towards the end of youth subcultures

Trickle Down: Youth Subcultures and Mainstream

“Les Vampires”, Silent Movie Poster (1915, France)

In order to evaluate the meaning of clothing in relation with youth cultures, it is mandatory to clarify some theoretical notions that concern the evolution of fashion towards contemporary consumption, especially referring to a time in which people had no consciousness of what they were wearing, even if there were imposed severe sumptuary laws to maintain well defined boundaries among social classes. Continue reading “DE-GENERATION: towards the end of youth subcultures”

about T I M E


“It made my heart run in circles and overflow / And I was closer than ever to letting go It made my heart run in circles in overdrive /And I was closer than ever to feeling alive” (Tame Impala 2016, Reality in motion)


On the wave of the international convergence, Generation U will not be portrayed as the Fritz Lang prophetic vision, but we will observe the creative as well as unifying impulse that is deriving from the human ability to think universally and act locally, where “DIY” (Do It Yourself, the 21st century Individualism’s manifesto) relies on people’s consciousness about the right of living their own life as they better prefer. Continue reading “about T I M E”

Parliamo del Parka

Difficile non averne mai visto uno, dato l’esercito di giovani, ragazze e ragazzi, che in qualsiasi periodo dell’anno si aggirano in città avvolti in giacconi color cachi.
A chi invece fosse sfuggito, il dizionario della moda viene in aiuto definendolo così: Continue reading “Parliamo del Parka”

My lovely Doc’s

Dr. Martens AirWair è un marchio inglese, il cui debutto risale ai primi anni ‘60 nel distretto di Northampton in Inghilterra. Nate come scarpe pensate per militari e lavoratori, erano inizialmente vendute alla modica cifra di 2£. Continue reading “My lovely Doc’s”