Youth is a state of mind.

In this section you will find out several articles that follow a chronological and sociological path.  My research focus on how the perception of human age is open to discussion when the dimensions of time and space are subjected to significant changes, and how these changes are mirrored in many cultural aspects related to the fashion area.

Thus, the work will be presented in three parts, which will analyze the concept of “youth” as the latest beauty criterion among western citizens, from multilateral perspectives.

Starting from a definition of the phenomenon provided by many sociologists, we will point out its evolution towards global society. Authenticity and Fluidity are peculiar as well as fundamental characteristics for its comprehension. The contemporary western scenario is characterized by the fear of aging in a market that ask to stay young as long as one can. Moreover, the shocking yet astonishing changes coming along the Web 2.0 era, where the loss of the meaning of subcultures in favor of the birth of a unified global identity makes us  consider how the share of visual information and digital natives are merging with the cultural industry, thus representing both the inspiration and the product for creating the basis of the present future.

Here it comes the ageless society.