I spent years on investigating on fashion theories, so that The fashion capital welcomed me in 2018 to revolutionise my life.

Paris is the city where I live and work as a Talent Manager for Meero, scouting for the new fashion talents surfing this exciting e-commerce wave.
Yet this city is much more.

In Paris I discovered more about myself and the woman I wanna be. 
The world of Art, people, music, the atmosphere.

A part of this container will also tell you why the spirit of youth is an emerging trend in the contemporary scenario, as well as it nurtures the dazzling beauty that comes across fashion studies, art and visual communication.

Before moving to Paris, I worked for ZOO Magazine and Aitor Throup studio in Amsterdam in 2017 and collaborated with Vogue Italia as a Reporter during Altaroma Fashion Week.

My portfolio include experiences as Digital Archivist Intern at Fondazione Fashion Research Italy and La Perla Global Management, as well as brand identity projects for Lumen et Umbra, Tom Rebl and the organization of a Fashion Show in collaboration with University La Sapienza of Rome.