1. Would you accept that someone would cut your salary more and more, to satisfy the no-need / business interests of someone else?
  2. Do you know that from creation to production and finally sale, the human resources involved to provide you with the full product and service, are for sure more than 20?
  3. Do you think that compulsively changing is a real healthy behavior?
  4. Have you ever wondered where the clothes you’re giving away are finally going?
  5. if the production of clothes is way more than the one necessary/actually used, what’s clothes charity needed for?
  6. What’s the difference between a 1€ burger and a 20€ one when they serve you the same product? 
  7. Would you agree to pay 19€ more only for the nice packaging? 
  8. Why do you think that buying 10 items for 1€ it’s better than buying 1 for 10€?
  9. Would you eat something that has intoxicated the people who have made that food for you? 
  10. Would you eat food that can intoxicate you too? 
  11. Would you pay to wear something that either intoxicates the planet and your skin?

If your answer is no to the majority of these questions, maybe it’s time to get informed about why sustainability it’s not just a fashion trend.