I remember it was 2015 and I was attending my class schedule about analysis of emerging lifestyle, when my great professor decided to show us a video: the launch of 2016 Gucci cruise collection. He explained us that Gucci had named a new Creative Director, and they were about to make a relevant change in the brand identity. 

I admit I wasn’t a huge fan of Gucci back then, because of its snobbish design that for so long I’ve been associating with an old-fashioned and boring Italy. I trusted my teacher, and started watching the video.

Nothing but WOW.

I set astonished while being absorbed by the screen. An orchestral sound followed the journey of two young lovers, who tenderly take us away from our time and send us in a ethereal space, with a touch of Seventies.

The fashion shows begins and here we clearly see what is the language used by the new director of Gucci for three years now. As in a Wes Anderson movie, models walk around in full bright colours, vintage wavy patterns, romantic ruches, ribbon collars and glittered shoes. Alessandro Michele immediately showed the world that Fashion is primarily culture, and with his contribution to the Gucci brand, he’s been able to melt together art, photography, music, cinema culture and couture in a totally new and widely recognizable symbolism.

Although the clear statement of a change in the brand design works as an attentive homage to pop culture as well as the asiatic and western vintage high Fashion while maintaining a strong relation with his origins (Rome), there’s a powerful yet revolutionary approach to contemporary aesthetics.

He’s telling a story. The Millennials’ one, which is intensively moving around the globe while using clothing as a reference to past subcultures and imaginary. 

“Contraddiction between the past and the future. That is my way to work” – he said The New York TimesAs a matter of facts, overtime Gucci collections have been enriched with more and more references to Alessandro’s  memories, which  play a central role in the work of the designer.


It’s thank to his psyched up and eclectic pastiche of Sci-Fi (i.e. Blade Runner) with Spaghetti Western movies, eastern mythology,  glam rock musicians and British subcultures that we are more and more captivated by Alessandro’s audacious mind, where an untouchable youth dance on an indie rock soundtrack lost in a dream, where no time and no space have precise connotations.

In “THE SURREAL VOYAGE” by PETRA COLLINS for the launch of Gucci’s eyewear Spring-Summer 2017 collection, frames perfectly this concept. The artist empathizes with that free imagination of kids’ mind, imagining a portrayal of family life where a nostalgic yet dreamy landscape pays tribute to the memories and places of Petra’s childhood. Music by Baustelle, of course.

After the collaborations with greatest artists such as Bjork, Bianconi, Chiara Mastroianni among many others, I can’t wait to watch the 2018 S/S Fashion Show, which will take place today in Milan.