about music and god

The London based indie rock band The Veils is renowned for its decadent fascination, combining dark vibes with more maudlin and mournful melodies.

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memories in-between: a roman rhapsody

Just close your eyes and let your imagination overwhelm your inner self.

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wide open


“We shape our buildings. Therefore they shape us.”

– Winston Churchill –

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in the name of love

Perspective is a word that we use when referring to visual art and help us highlighting infinite points from where we observe our surroundings. In the specific case of Nobuyoshi Araki, anything he decides to portray is nothing but astonishing.

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A visionary mind: Alessandro Michele


It was about 3 years ago, and I was attending my class schedule about analysis of emerging lifestyle, when my great professor decided to show us a video: the launch of 2016 Gucci cruise collection. He explained us that Gucci had named a new Creative Director, and they were about to make a relevant change in the brand identity. 

I admit I wasn’t a huge fan of Gucci back then, because of its snobbish design that for so long I’ve been associating with an old-fashioned and boring Italy. I trusted my teacher, and started watching the video.

Nothing but WOW.

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